Union Bar & Soda Fountain

I’m a bit nuts about Union Bar & Soda Fountain. I’ve been there a few times since it opened, and every visit has been better than the last. I love their food, I love their drinks*, I love love love their venue and aesthetic.

*I’ve only had their on-alcoholic drinks (floats, sodas) so far. Basic fact about me: if you offer me the choice between the best cocktail in the world, or a decent milkshake, I’ll take the milkshake every time. Union’s floats are better than decent and I love the options. I bet their boozy options are incredible too — Union borrows the talent behind Social — I just haven’t made it that far.

My most recent visit to Union was a celebration — I rode my bike there! This 2-mile trek would not be remarkable to most people — Dan regularly rides 20-30 miles without much effort — but for me, it’s an accomplishment. I am a nervous bike rider, especially on the street. Dan rode along with me to show me the ropes. I earned my grape float at Union, and enjoyed another incident-free ride back home.

Hello, gorgeous.
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