New tattoo: Birdsong part 2

As a reminder, in October I got the first half of a two-part tattoo. This first bird is “singing” an image of daytime, and you can read its story here.

Yesterday I went back to complete the pair… this time, with the bird singing an image of nighttime. Here’s how the new bird looked this morning:

And here, in the most compromising photo I’ve ever put on my blog, is an image of the two birds together. (I promise they’re level, I’m standing at an angle here.) Dan snapped this photo last night so you can see redness from the tattooing as well as from the surgical tape that protected it for the first couple of hours, but all of that has faded by now.

Originally I was planning to have both of them colored in, but the tattoo artist, Cambria, loved the way they look in grayscale and I’m inclined to agree. The detail is just so lovely. I can always change my mind later and color them in. What do you think?

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Hello, gorgeous.
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