Steamboat Springs

Well, it’s safe to say Dan has been bitten.

When the two of us visited Breckenridge, he tried his hand at skiing for the first time in ~25 years. Now Dan has been bitten by the ski bug and was really hoping to get one more ski trip in before the season closes.

Welcome to Steamboat Springs. It’s closer to Fort Collins than Breckenridge was… in nice weather, like we ended up having, it’s between a 3- and 4-hour drive. To get there you can drive through Walden, Colorado, which I have written about before — Walden is one of my favorite places in Colorado so far.

Dan spent the day skiing — he still is, actually… I’m typing this up while he finishes a few last runs. We ended up with t-shirt weather, which is good and bad… toward the end of the day, it sounds like Dan was dealing with a lot of slush. I’m glad we didn’t wait even another couple of days.

At lunch he took a break and we rode the gondola up to a mountaintop restaurant. The view reminded me of the Switzerland leg of Dan and my honeymoon a few years back. It’s wild to have places like this just a few hours away.

Hello, gorgeous.
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