Shambhala Mountain Center

Dan had an extra day off of work this week and asked if I wanted to take a small road trip. (Always yes.) Did I want to know where were were going? (Always no.)

This particular trip managed to stump me through the entire drive… and through parking… and through a mile’s hike up a hill. Dan had discovered the Shambhala Mountain Center, and specifically the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya.

Shambhala is an enormous campus that hosts health and wellness retreats, and the Great Stupa is “one of the most significant examples of sacred Buddhist architecture in North America.”

We circled the Stupa clockwise as the literature suggests, but did not go inside. It felt too sacred, I felt too touristy. Maybe next time, when I know where I’m headed, I’ll be ready.

“Good surprise?” Dan asked me later. Absolutely. His always are.

By the way, do we freakin’ LIVE in this GORGEOUS PLACE?!


Hello, gorgeous.
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