In which Erica falls into Bear Lake

It happened just after this picture was taken, actually. I was standing this way and then suddenly I was a few feet shorter, one leg having plunged into Bear Lake. Mom and Dan assumed that I was up to my hip in snow — the lake was completely covered in snow and there were many boot prints walking farther out than I did.

Back at the car, Dan actually poured water out of my boot.

The rest of our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was uneventful and glorious, full of sunlight and barfy hairpin turns. The trip was a beautiful way to spend the last day of mom’s first visit to our new home.

P.S. Notice mom’s whole new wardrobe? Hat from Topo, shirt from Kansas City Kitty, hoodie from New Belgium. It has been a productive visit. Until next time!

Hello, gorgeous.
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