New Belgium brewery tour

We’ve been saving this one for my mom’s visit: New Belgium offers (free!) tours of their brewery.

Neither Dan nor I are beer drinkers, but we both enjoyed the Tartastic and Le Terroir sours.  Mom — already an avowed New Belgium fan — found a new favorite in their 1554.

See if you can spot mom and Dan whipping down this ridiculous slide. It’s much safer to be the picture-taker.

Not that I’ve ever had to talk any friends into a beer experience, but I highly recommend the New Belgium tour. Lots of beer, plenty of history, a smattering of science, photo ops galore.

Hello, gorgeous.
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One thought on “New Belgium brewery tour

  1. whoa the tour has seen some distinct upgrades since I was there twelve years ago, unless I drank so much that I forgot the slide.

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