Waltzing Kangaroo

“Have you been to the Australian meat pie shop yet?”

My friend Linda asked me that less than 24 hours ago. Welcome to Waltzing Kangaroo.

For Dan and my first go-round I brought home Chicken Thai Peanut, Chicken & White Sauce, and Brekkie Pie — steak, eggs, bacon, gravy. They were delicious, indulgent, and freshly baked. Next time I have my eye on the Lamb & Rosemary. Waltzing Kangaroo also offers vegetarian options, as well as quiches.

Oh, and they have a dessert case. I surprised myself by abstaining, but I know I won’t be able to hold out long with fruit tarts and profiteroles on the table.

Waltzing Kangaroo is located near the CSU campus, which makes sense. And they offer delivery. I almost wish they didn’t, for my waistline’s sake.


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