Me Oh My Pie

I miss being in the know.

In Cincinnati I tended to know what was going on, at least in terms of restaurants and theaters and on-the-nerdier-side happenings. It takes time to get your finger on the pulse of a city. I don’t have that in Fort Collins yet, that’s for sure.

Imagine my delight when I heard about a pie shop opening. Well… reopening. Me Oh My Pie recently relocated to LaPorte, just a few minutes from home in Fort Collins. Me Oh My has been — dare I say — the talk of the town. Dan and I stopped on New Year’s Day and we can vouch for the chicken pot pie, the turkey sandwich, the devil’s food cake and the apple streusel. I would be delighted to report back on their entire menu if you’d like. Give me a week.

Me Oh My also hosts a small shop, Me Oh My Mercantile, in its back room with cute crafts, local wares, organic produce. I’ll probably stop by more often for coffee cake than for rutabagas but that’s on me.


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