First Day Hike 2018

I don’t consider myself superstitious, but I am big on symbolism. New Year’s Day is a symbol I always grapple with, wanting to begin my year in a way that indicates my hopes and ambitions for the year to come.

This New Year’s Day was easier than most. Colorado’s state parks organize¬†First Day Hikes, including three taking place at our nearby Lory State Park. Dan and I met a dozen people at one of the trailheads for hot chocolate, free lip balm and a guided hike, provided in collaboration between Lory and the Friends of Lory volunteer group.

We had gobsmackingly perfect weather: cold but without wind, mudless trails, gray fog warming into blue skies. Even better than the weather was being joined by our friends Anna and Mike, fellow adventurers relatively new to Colorado themselves but with gads of stories already. Together we hiked the Shoreline Trail to Horsetooth Reservoir. Later Anna and Mike peeled off to catch the tail end of the Notre Dame game; Dan and I continued to a spur trail with our guide, Mick.

My adventure wish list continues to grow — today we learned that there are campsites on the reservoir accessible only by boat. It’s going to be a busy year.

Hello, gorgeous.
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