Colorado National Monument

Dan and I take social-distancing very seriously, only venturing out for groceries, exercise, and the occasional curbside pickup. However, as we pass the three month mark of our quarantine, we are finding the need to shake things up in a way that feels safe but sanity-restoring.

Dan and I both work remotely, so this week we opted for a work-cation. We rented a house in Grand Junction, Colorado — a 5-7 hour drive from Fort Collins, depending on which route you take — where we can keep our regular office hours but enjoy a change of scenery once we pull the pterodactyl’s tail.

The photos in this post are from Colorado National Monument, a gorgeous canyon a few mere miles up the road from our rental.

To enjoy Colorado National Monument, one follows a 23-mile road which winds along the very rim on the canyon. Dan and I took turns driving, because you can either drive or you can look around — there is no middle ground. It’s a white-knuckle experience, especially when passing other cars.

The views are worth it.

Thankfully, the park is full of scenic overlooks which are breathtaking but also sturdily built. (Can you spot the tiny Daniel?)

The home we’re renting is also situated amongst beautiful red rock formations; as I write this, Dan is enjoying a mountain bike ride over his lunch break. More photos to come!

Hello, gorgeous.
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