Gardens on Spring Creek

I recognize that it can be challenging to be my friend if you don’t love being photographed. If you’re ever caught in that position, I hope you can understand how the people I spend my time with are more important than the places that I go. (Linda, in particular, is one of my most important people.)

This week, Linda and I visited the newly re-opened Gardens on Spring Creek. I’ve only been to the Gardens twice before — both times for their winter show, when all of the sunflowers and carrots are made of Christmas lights.

The Gardens have recently undergone a massive renovation, but the pandemic challenged the rollout of their reopening.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend strolling the grounds with a botanist!

I can’t spend time in a place so full of flowers without thinking of my grandmother. She is still happy and healthy, but until libraries reopen she is computer-less. I want to be sure there are plenty of flowers for her to scroll through when she gets a chance to catch up.

Is it strange to say I want to visit the Gardens in the rain?

Another element of the Gardens’ recent expansion: a lovely butterfly house. At the moment they have ~300 butterflies in 8 species.

Thank you to Julie for the private tour of the Gardens’ butterfly house.

Our entire experience at the Gardens felt appropriately spaced out and anxiety-free. I’m still selective about my mid-pandemic outings, and it feels fantastic to have another place within biking distance that feels welcoming, safe, and completely beautiful.

Hello, gorgeous.
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One thought on “Gardens on Spring Creek

  1. Gorgeous! I am keeping my eyes open for when branches open again and will let you know though I’m sure you’ll see it the same time I do. But just in case!

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