A banner day for mail

While Dan and I were making dinner, the doorbell rang. Dan popped downstairs and returned with packages he insisted were for me, though I wasn’t expecting anything.

To call the unwrapping process intriguing would be an understatement. I was fascinated by every new layer, finally delving deep enough to discover artisan chocolates hidden within.

Not pictured here: a sweet note from my friend and mentor Sherri, to whom I owe so much. She knows me well, and understands the only thing I love more than chocolate is an intricately-wrapped surprise. (O, these details!)

Sherri’s note mentioned that she had met this Michigan-based chocolatier two years ago and had been following her work every since. Check out Bon Bon Bon‘s marvelous website here (and support small businesses whenever you’re able!).

Dan and I have sampled two of these delightful little gems: #16 Salty Sap and #32 Lil Hottie. It’s hard to imagine any of the others will top the warm kick of cayenne in Lil Hottie, but I look forward to finding out for myself.

The surprises continued — my friend Todd unexpectedly sent me a copy of James Lipton’s An Exaltation of Larks, a compendium of collective nouns that includes such winners as “a smack of jellyfish” and “a slouch of models.” It’s bound to keep me up at night.

I also received bright new greeting cards from my friend Sonja, whose children added flowers they had collected during a recent trip. I am charmed beyond imagination and cannot wait to send these to my grandmother (who, for the time being, cannot see them on my blog!).

And, and, I received *dozens* of cards from my friend Amy M.! Her two girls festooned an entire box of cards for me, so basically my grandmother Hazel can look forward to two letters from me a day for the next decade or so.

And finally… a card from Hazel herself, including a photo of wee little Erica. (I don’t remember this couch or this chair, but this living room is still so familiar to me.)

As I’ve said, a banner day for mail. Typically I send out gads more mail than I receive, especially lately — I deeply enjoy the process of half-watching a movie while I write notes, address envelopes, choose stamps (I have scads), make everything neat and personal.

But I won’t lie, receiving so much mail today brought me great happiness. It closed the loop of connection I always hope to feel when I drop my outgoing mail in its slot.

Let me know if you need some joy in your mailbox. I have so many wonderful cards!

Hello, gorgeous.
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