Greetings from a social distance, volume 2

Welcome to another roundup of ways I’m keeping myself entertained during the pandemic! (Find volume 1 here, should you be so bored.)

My Best Dude

We’ve always been a great team, but I’ve been delighted with how well Dan and I have weathered this thing together so far. (Below: Dan killing time with his drone. He later trained it to follow him while he rode his bike.)

Bike Rides and Dog Walks

I’ve never ridden my bike so much in my life. It has been fun trying to dream up routes that take me to different parts of town.

In case you need a reminder of what social distancing is supposed to look like, Linda’s pup Max is here to help:

My Greeting Card Project

I have continued to receive immensely creative greeting cards from my friends’ kids, which I have been working to deploy to my grandmother Hazel and to others.

My Niece… and Nephew!

My nephew was born on April 11th! I don’t have a photo to share just yet, but fear not — I am completely prepared to transition this blog to All Baby Photos All the Time.

I mean. Look at my niece Fiona. Look at her!

Deliveries from Cincinnati

Many of the small businesses that I most wish to support are back home in Cincinnati. These packages from home have been bright spots in our days.

I ordered Easter goodies from Maverick

…And grab bag packages from MiCa 12/v (mystery gift) and Paper Wings (mystery gift).

My surprise gift from MiCa included a Charley Harper shirt and a gorgeous rainbow tea towel, apparently inspired by my own Instagram (Charley, rainbow).

Paper Wings sent a Kaweco pen (German!) and two notebooks so beautiful it’s going to take all of my strength not to lovingly set them in a drawer and never touch them again. I shall! Write! In! These!

As much as you’re able, be sure to support the small businesses that are close to your heart, as these three are to mine.

Adieu, until I scrounge up another dozen photos despite only leaving my house for groceries and exercise!

Hello, gorgeous.
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