3 days in Philadelphia

Following our 3 days in Cincinnati we spent another 3 days in Philadelphia… with a bit of Delaware in between. Delaware was one of the 7 states Dan and I had not yet visited together, so now we’re down to 6 (North Dakota, Kansas, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana, Hawaii).

We had just a bit of time to ourselves in Philly, which we spent wandering Independence Mall and the Museum of the American Revolution, (above) and eating at a wonderful food hall called The Bourse (below).

But the main event in Philadelphia was my first visit to my niece, Fiona. Dan and I arrived bearing Christmas gifts, such as this sweet jacket from my grandmother, Hazel.

She’ll grow into it.

I never could have pictured how well parenthood would immediately suit my brother Bradley and sister-in-law Kristine. Fiona is about two months old now but the three of them seem as though they’ve been a team for much longer. It was fantastic to spend time just watching them in their element.

Becoming Baba Yaga is going to be a delight.

Hello, gorgeous.
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