3 days in Cincinnati

Oh my gosh, Christmas in Ohio!

Dan and I spent a very quick 3 days in Cincinnati seeing just a few friends and family. Above is my lovely friend Amy — in this photo we were admiring a shot of my baby niece Fiona (as seen below).

I also had the chance to see my dear friends Kris and Jen — they aren’t pictured here, but I did get a shot with their week-old baby Irwin (below). Kris and Jen invited us to participate in Irwin’s bris, which might be one of the highest honors of my life.

On this trip I was also thrilled to get to spend a good chunk of time with my brother Ryan. For the past year or so we’ve been bonding over our progress at our respective gyms, and I had an opportunity to walk through Ryan’s workout at his home gym.

Ryan, his wife Jenny, Dan and I took on not one but two different escape rooms at Breakout. We survived the gold-hunting submarine adventure, but were unfortunately blown up in an incident with a runaway train.

Below: Ryan, Jenny (due in April!), me, and my grandmother Hazel.

And somehow I walked away from three days with Dan’s family without a single photograph to show for it! (They are probably delighted by this fact.)

My heart is so full it could pop — but Dan and I have more adventures ahead of us. Onward to Philadelphia(ish), to see my brother Bradley, his wife Kristine, and their 2-month old baby Fiona!

P.S. Alas, no time for museums or sightseeing on this trip… though of course we peeked our heads into the local 21c Museum Hotel.

Hello, gorgeous.
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