Squeezing Cincinnati ’til it bleeds

In the words of John Oliver, “Just time for a quick recap of the week.” The day after Dan and I left Vail we turned on our heels and headed to Cincinnati for a half-business-half-pleasure visit. The two of us did not stop moving for three days! Below are a few highlights of our whirlwind visit.

Cincinnati Art Museum. My friend Jen took a half day from work and joined me for the exhibition No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man

…as well as for Kimono: Refashioning Contemporary Style.

Sotto and Boca restaurants. Dan and Kris joined Jen and me for drinks and pommes soufflĂ©es upstairs at Boca’s sumptuous bar, then for a family-style tour of seven distinct and delicious pastas downstairs at Sotto — Dan and my favorite restaurant anywhere.

Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. While in town I spent two days at Music Hall working with all of my dear colleagues at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. My boss-mentor-friend Sherri suggested we swoop through the CAC after lunch at Fausto. We had time for a quick cruise through Creatures: When Species Meet (not pictured: a chill-inducing dark room that simulates an with a wild panther), work by Bubi Canal

Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum

…and my favorite work on display, Saya Woolfalk: A Cabinet of Anticipation. I loved the colors, the textures and the vivid sense of imagination.

Paper Wings. Our friends Mike and Carolyn own MiCA 12/v, one of my favorite shops in the city. They have very recently opened a second shop dedicated entirely to paper. It’s such a charming space, showcasing not only stationary and cards but also a sweet gallery of paper-based art.

Side note: Dan did not used to be the kind of guy to pet random dogs. My evil plan is slowly taking shape.

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. What, you thought I wouldn’t see any theater? I was amazed that there were even shows playing on a random Wednesday in July, but Shakespeare was running Miss Holmes, a Sherlock story with women playing the lead roles. I have so missed seeing my friends on stage! (Production photos yoinked courtesy of Cincy Shakes.)

Surprising my grandmother. I didn’t dare post any of these photos on, say, Instagram, because my grandmother has become quite web-savvy in the past year or so and regularly checks in to see what I’m up to. When she showed up to Longhorn Steakhouse expecting to have dinner with my brother and sis-in-law, she discovered that Dan and I would be joining her — along with Dan’s entire family, whom she adores. I didn’t think to get a group picture but in the shot below you can see that my surprise paid off.

(She was most curious to hear more about goat yoga.)

Escape room at Breakout Games. I wanted a chance to spend some time just with my brother Ryan and my sister-in-law Jenny. We turn into quite an adept team in these puzzle rooms, something that even the game master pointed out afterwards. (She was surprised at our quick finish time as well. Imagine me making this gesture.)

Everything I’ve just listed took place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Not included: full days in the office, a visit to the spa and galleries at 21c, breakfast at Sleepy Bee, trips to Coffee Emporium, Graeter’s, Pleasantry, Maverick and Off the Vine, catching up with great friends like Amy (how did we not get a picture?!), running into Alice at the theater… there is more I am forgetting…

I gained 4 pounds on this visit and barely slept. #doingitright

P.S. I needed another day or two to drink in all of the great street art that has cropped up since I last wandered downtown.

Hello, gorgeous.
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