These are a few of my favorite things

I made out like a bandit at Christmas! Because I love reading what my friends have received, I am sharing a few of my favorites (and in case you’re wondering, I don’t make a nickel off of sharing these):

Field Notes

Almost every year, I find a few of these tucked in my stocking. Field Notes notebooks are famous for their level of their detail and their charming designs. They are the perfect size to tuck into my purse, where I always keep one on hand for when jotting notes during a play I am reviewing. I go through gads of them each year and am always thrilled to refill my coffers.


My hometown is insane for Fiona, the Cincinnati Zoo’s prematurely-born hippo. This year, my mom sent us Rookwood Pottery‘s ornament celebrating the pudgy baby, and we are smitten. (By the way, the very healthy Fiona currently weighs over 1,000 pounds, but you never see merchandise reflecting her current girth.)


Okay, I cheated and asked for this. I received my first Ottolock as a gift from Dan last Christmas… back when I only had one bicycle. I fell completely in love with this strong and flexible lock (which I use for bikes, but could be find many other uses). This year I wished for a second Ottolock because I know myself very well… I am definitely going to forget to switch locks between bikes and find myself stranded with no lock. I would rather have one lock per bike and some peace of mind.

Books! Books! Books!

I mentioned to Dan that if he needed any Christmas ideas at all, he could draw from this list of the best poetry books of 2018. He and his amazing parents overdelivered:

I also received the graphic novel Sheets from my LibraryThing Secret Santa.

Charley Harper

My grandmother is the reason I have a cardinal tattoo on my arm; she and my grandfather have always loved the red birds. This year I sent her a vase adorned with cardinals — she sent me a sweet cardinal ornament by Cincinnati’s Charley Harper. (Some day I’ll have a Charley Harper tattoo, too.)

Soehnle Baking Scale 

No, I don’t know how to use this thing yet, but I cannot wait to learn. My neighbor Linda gave me this perfect present because I struggle with baking at Colorado’s high altitudes. Linda already gives me the gift of eating half of anything I bake, which gives me the opportunity to test out twice as many recipes.


Speaking of neighbors, this year Dan and I hosted a few of our closest neighbors for a breakfast on Christmas morning. It was nothing fancy — I made eggs, Dan made bacon, our friends brought fruit and mimosas and these beautiful cinnamon buns. We spent three hours comparing notes on local restaurants, telling travel stories and dreaming up future bike trips. There may not have been a bow on top, but that simple breakfast was easily one of my favorite gifts this year.

Hello, gorgeous.
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