Meow Wolf: The House of Eternal Return

I have been waiting for an experience like Meow Wolf.

I am the kind of nerd who publishes articles about how we overuse the word “immersive” in art. It is not that I think everything needs to be immersive — far from it — but I dislike how we bandy that word about and render it meaningless.

With its exhibition The House of Eternal Return, arts collective Meow Wolf plays in the immersive space. From the beginning you are set loose: there is no map, no path, no goal. There is a story, should you choose to dig for it. There is 20,000 square feet of… what, exactly?












Downright WTF.



And more, so much more.

Listen: I definitely heard a guy say, “I’m still waiting for the grand finale… like, why are we doing this?” If that’s you, you might not love The House of Eternal Return or Meow Wolf’s other experiences. But if you, like me, dig not knowing what’s around the next corner, you’ll adore it.

We recently trekked to Boulder with friends to watch a screening of the Meow Wolf: Origin Story documentary, which I highly recommend. Even if you hope to catch The House of Eternal Return, it won’t spoil the experience for you. If anything I felt even more appreciation for the collective, having better understood their history before walking in the door.

And if that’s not enough to entice you, Meow Wolf is building a Denver installation soon! (Or I’ll happily meet you in Vegas!)

Hello, gorgeous.
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