Ice cream flights in RiNo

I have wonderful friends.

Kris and Jen are two of my best friends from Ohio. They have already visited us in Colorado once before, and this weekend we were able to catch up when a wedding brought them to Denver.

In Cincinnati, our favorite way to spend time together was to choose a new restaurant and essentially order the entire menu, passing plates across the table so everyone could try every dish. On this visit, Jen made reservations at The Populist so that we could indulge in our favorite hobby. (My favorites: the potato rösti, Kris’ scallops and my cocktail made with bell pepper juice.)

The Populist is situated in Denver’s River North (RiNo) district, so afterwards we got to share this beautiful neighborhood with Kris and Jen. Many new Crush Walls have been painted since our last visit, and an art walk filled the streets with activity.

I’ll take any excuse to stop by Denver Central Market with its vendors such as Temper Chocolates and Izzio Bakery.

Our best discovery at the Market: ice cream flights at High Point Creamery. Kris and Jen ordered one, Dan and I ordered another — and then, naturally, we all shared our ten flavors. My flight: Earl Grey & Shortbread, Mint Chocolate Bark, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie, Dark Chocolate & Blondies (and some phenomenal hot fudge). Jen’s flavors also included Coconut Crème Brûlée, Tin Cup Whiskey & Pistachio Brittle, and Jen’s overall favorite: Salty Dog Chocolate.

Can I eat ten scoops of ice cream on my own? Sure, but it’s nowhere near as thrilling.

Hello, gorgeous.
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