Red Truck Beer

Recently at our gym, the coach asked us all to name our favorite sport or activity. My friend Linda declared her favorite to be riding bikes to breweries.

This week we saddled up to try out Red Truck Beer, a new location for the Canadian-based brewery.

Pros for Red Truck: The beautiful, airy venue and the 3-mile ride to get there. The full kitchen and wide menu — a nice change from counting on a food truck.

Cons for Red Truck: The food was… okay! My chicken schnitzel sandwich was dry and somewhat bland. No one else was blown away by their selection either. The beer was… okay! Dan and I aren’t beer drinkers ourselves but four of our neighbors ended up at our table sharing flights and the general consensus was that there are better beer options in the area.

It would take more than a just-okay sandwich to ruin an October night in Fort Collins.

Hello, gorgeous.
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