Lightning trip to Cincinnati

This week I took a very quick jaunt to downtown Cincinnati; I do some writing for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and was invited in for an on-site visit. I spent most of those 2ish days at work in Music Hall, but used my extra time for art, art, art. Below are a few photos I snapped from two of my favorite galleries: the Contemporary Arts Center, and its neighbor the 21c Museum Hotel.

My visit happened to coincide with the Cincinnati Fringe Festival (read my preview story here!). I was lucky to find time for six incredible shows after work: ExTrashVaganza!; The Mountains Did Quake, The Hillsides Did Tremble; Eddie Poe; of Monster Descent; Musical Chairs and Show Up.

I also grabbed lunch at my favorite casual spot in Cincy, the Sleepy Bee. (Order the Nutty Bee beecakes and add walnuts. Their peanut butter will knock you out.)

Not a single of my four flights (two out, two back) managed to be uneventful. The travel side of this trip was stressful from start to finish, including one delay due to my plane being stuck to its jet bridge. That’s okay, it happens (well, not that jet bridge example, that is not a thing that happens), and dusks such as this one help smooth it all out. I’m happy to be home!

Hello, gorgeous.
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