In search of Moxie

Hello from historic Louisville, Colorado!

Ohio/Kentucky friends, that’s pronounced “Lewisville,” not “Louieville.”)

Bread, of all things, brought us to Louisville. A few days ago my neighbor-soulmate Linda mentioned Moxie Bread Company, a Louisville gem she’d read about in 5280 (“Ballad of a Small-Town Bakery,” which is a fantastic read whether you live around here or not). Dan and I are not what I’d consider “bread people,” but we are certainly road trip people, and when we found ourselves with a rare day free of plans, we hopped in the car in search of Linda’s ciabatta.

Moxie is darling. Their bread shop also includes an outdoor patio, an indoor dining room, and a large backyard space with a wood-fire oven. It turns out that a few days earlier, Moxie’s deck oven went on the fritz — some of the bread we purchased had been baked outside in a pinch.

Bread secured, we nabbed lunch at The Huckleberry. The Huckleberry is housed in an old post office and, in their words, “one of the places along the ‘prohibition tunnels’, dug by the miners to get from one saloon to another during the years of Prohibition.”

Dan had a homemade chicken pot pie; I opted for a breakfast croissant and their huckleberry lemonade. The huckleberries made me nostalgic for Montana, where every gas station and gift shop hawks huckleberry jam, huckleberry syrup, huckleberry bath bombs, huckleberry you-name-its.

Somehow I didn’t come home with anything from this case.

Maybe that’s because we walked away from Sweet Cow with two milkshakes in hand. (Well… one each. This time.)


Moxie, The Huckleberry and Sweet Cow are all located within a 2-block radius from one another. This district includes a handful of other delightful-looking places to eat or shop, including the Book Cellar

…and a museum, which we’ve saved for a future visit. You know, once Linda runs out of rye.

Hello, gorgeous.
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