The Coles do Fort Collins, part 1

Meet Kris and Jen Cole, two of Dan and my best friends from home in Cincinnati. The Coles chose the date for their first visit to Colorado before we had even booked our moving truck in Ohio. I’ve been counting the days until their first visit.

I feel as though I didn’t take enough pictures while they were here. (They may disagree, ha.) Over the next three days I’ll share a handful of images I snagged from what became a whirlwind trip across Northern Colorado — especially its restaurants, breweries and taprooms.

One of my favorite discoveries during the Coles’ visit was The Welsh Rabbit cheese shop. I’d been aware of the shop and bistro — they are immediately next to Nuance Chocolate, how could I miss them — but not being much of a cheese person, I had little reason to visit. Jen is much handier with cheese and we had a wonderful visit, full of samples and cheese stories. I’ll be going back for that salty gouda.

And then there’s Snooze, my favorite brunch spot. Dan and I try to save it for visitors, otherwise I’d require some kind of motorized scooter by now. You can see that we ordered most of the menu, including their delicious pineapple upside-down pancakes and the quinoa porridge I’m fond of.

We hit countless other shops and restaurants during the Coles’ stay — Kansas City Kitty, Tap and Handle, Ginger and Baker — but I was so caught up in jokes and stories that my phone stayed in my pocket much of the time. Always a good sign of a great visit.

Hello, gorgeous.
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