The Lyric Cinema

The Lyric is open!

I’ve been following the story of the Lyric Cinema since before we bought our house. The Lyric is an independent movie theater in Fort Collins and they have been developing a brand new space — which opened last Friday (and then closed last Friday, and then reopened on Saturday. That’s life).

I’ve been to the Lyric twice already. On Sunday, Dan and I attended a showing of V for Vendetta, apparently a Lyric tradition on Guy Fawkes Night. (For the most part, that movie holds up! Minus perhaps Natalie Portman’s accent and boot-cut jeans. I know, I know, boot cut is on its way back. It isn’t with me.)

The building is a delight, with pew seating in the cinema and Star Trek pinball in the common area. The concession stand offers local craft soda — try the birch beer. We earned a free popcorn through their Space Camp loyalty program. I can be dangerous with a loyalty program.

On Monday I visited a second time, this time for a lunch meeting, when I had a chance to try their food — the Lyric has a full kitchen as well. Their menu also serves as a zine because of course it does.

The Lyric is not even a mile from our house, a straight shot down College Avenue. Dan and I are waiting for The Killing of a Sacred Deer, much of which was filmed in Cincinnati (and, specifically, in our old neighborhood of Northside).

As I understand it, the Lyric also has outdoor spaces for drive-in-style screenings in the warmer months.

P.S. From the websiteJoin us every Saturday and Sunday from 9am until about noon for your favorite classic animated adventures! What kind of cartoons will you see? Maybe it’s some old-school Looney Tunes! How about The Tick or Johnny Bravo!? We try to program the best stuff our 8 year-old selves would want to see.

We also offer a $5 all-you-can-eat cereal bar that you can enjoy during the ‘toons…

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