Foothills UU

“Oh, you’re from Cincinnati? Whereabouts?”
“Northside, but I grew up in Eastgate.”
“My wife is from Mount Washington [seriously 10 minutes from Eastgate]. We were there in September.”

This has already happened to me a few times in the two weeks Dan and I have been in Colorado; this specific exchange took place at Foothills Unitarian Church. (I don’t know why they go by Unitarian when they are a Unitarian Universalist congregation, which matters a lot to people like me. Maybe it’s just simpler. I identify with the Universalist/humanist side of the equation.)

I immediately fell in love with Foothills. It has many of the traditions and symbols found in my home church, Heritage UU. Foothills seems progressive and liberal, and maintains that same “believe whatever you want to believe here” (Universalist) vibe that first drew me to Heritage. Foothills has successfully become a Sanctuary Congregation. Their mission statement: Unleashing Courageous Love.

I felt at home from the first moment — and then of course I sat down next to someone knows where Mount Washington is, fer chrissake. Oh, and one of the two reverends quoted from “one of his favorite poets,” Rainer Maria Rilke. Sign me up.

P.S. I do not wear a wedding ring — I do not even own one — but I might need to sport a dummy ring if I’m going to keep attending church. I had forgotten the penchant for matchmakers to pounce, and I attend services on my own.

P.P.S. The double rainbow image is from later on Sunday, following a wonderful lunch with our friends Kate and Justin. I made Dan swerve through a strip mall so I could get a better shot.

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2 thoughts on “Foothills UU

    1. St. John’s is not my favorite. This is what I was talking about re: Unitarian vs. Universalist… St. John’s skews a little more Christian than is my preference. Heritage is the most Universalist in Cincinnati. (That’s not to say don’t visit St. John’s… it’s a gorgeous and friendly church… but don’t attend and think “I can’t imagine Erica here.”)

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