The Purge

We are about three months out from our relocation from Cincinnati, Ohio to Fort Collins, Colorado. We don’t have an exact date yet; it will hinge on a few things coming together at the same time. First, Music Hall needs to reopen following its renovation, freeing me of a job. Second, our townhouse in Fort Collins needs to be completed. Third, the house we own now needs to sell. (A friend also insists that I cannot leave until her baby is born, due October 4!)

The move feels imminent and distant at the same time. Dan and I are trying to be productive, using the time for research, planning, and purging. I’ve never thought of us as the most “stuff”-oriented people in the world, but when you start thinking about relocating every item you own, those items seem to multiply.

I made a cursory read of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which seems to be required reading these days. I was resistant, but it did provide the shot in the arm I need to tackle a few projects this weekend. I’d love to travel lighter through life in general. Dan feels the same way. We’ve spent the past year trying to be more deliberate about what we bring into the house, which is just as important as purging… but we have a lot more work to do to untangle ourselves from wanton over-buying.

Hello, gorgeous.
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