Effing business cards

Today I found myself at a social event that turned into a prime opportunity for business-related networking. It dawned on me that the only business cards that I own are tied to my current job, which wraps up in October. Since I’m roughly 5 months out from that transition, I decided it was time to create a handful of personal business cards with contact information that will outlast my role.

What a life/business lesson that little task turned out to be. It is no secret to me what my biggest challenge will be when I begin working for myself in October: focus. I wasted an hour poking around on Moo, designing and redesigning. And it isn’t simply the artwork itself that hangs me up: how do I define the work I’ll be doing, in a few brief words?

Arrows in my professional quiver:

  • Writing, editing, proofreading
  • Marketing strategy
  • Project management
  • Theater criticism/journalism

I also varying levels of experience with (and absolute ardor for) user insight, qualitative data, social media management, product innovation, even information architecture/user experience.

I love to learn. I have loved each job I’ve had. I’d like to translate these skills into additional meaningful work. But that’s not exactly an elevator pitch, is it?

The business cards still aren’t finished. More soul-searching might be in order first.

Hello, gorgeous.
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