33 in 3: Writing group

A mere 5 days after my 33rd birthday, I was able to knock an item off of my 33 in 3 list: #13, Participate in a writing group.

I’ve been hearing the name Women Writing for (a) Change for easily ten years, because… to be honest… things that are for Women are usually not for me.

On Wednesday night I finally attended a sampler class, which gives prospective students an opportunity to see what WWf(a)C is about before committing to the core classes.

The sampler was not at all what I’d expected. There was a very clear structure, which is an absolute balm for my anxiety-riddled heart. Each element of class is designed around being supportive above all else… “listening, not fixing.” In the 1.5hrs of the class we only actually wrote for about 10 minutes; the rest of the time was about listening, sharing, and listening a bit more.

I’m not making fun. I can absolutely see how this would be a conducive environment for writers, especially anyone new to the craft (as it seemed many people in the sampler were). I felt safe and encouraged, and an antiphonal reading of lines from each person’s writing was incredibly moving. But I know now that I was looking for something slightly different… something more about editing, honing, crafting, revising.

Truly, I think I need both. I feel as though I need a writing group that will help cut me open as a writer, and one like Women Writing for (a) Change that would help me heal back up and encourage me to keep taking the risks.

I haven’t yet decided if I’m going back!


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