Utah: Canyonlands National Park

Greetings from Utah!

Dan and I are in Moab or a work-cation: we’ll both work our regular hours during the week but spend the weekends in the nearby National Parks. Dan will also spend some bonus time mountain biking.

Though our rental is a stone’s throw from Arches, we spent Saturday driving around Canyonlands NP. You can thank Dan for every single one of the photos in this post — I’m the idiot who forgets her phone on the day she’s going to explore America the beautiful. (To be fair, I forget my phone on plenty of other days too.)

In the photo above, you can see a treacherous, single lane road that descends to the canyons. We’re driving down it on some future visit, you just wait. We stopped to watch one jeep take the switchbacks — you can see it in the photo if you look carefully — and there were many stops… either to check the edges of the road, or to yak. Hard to tell.

Expect more photos soon from Arches and a few bike adventures — and not just Dan’s!

Hello, gorgeous.
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