My 37th birthday in pictures

Pandemic be damned: my 37th birthday was a non-stop onslaught of fun. Above: flowers from my dear friend Linda.
Below: Snooze‘s OMG French Toast for lunch. (Snooze sent the candle, which worked out nicely because my grandmother insisted that something I ate today was required to have a candle in it.)

My brother Ryan and SIL Jenny showed my grandmother how to use FaceTime, allowing us to see one another for the first time in ages. Also pictured: my sweet and chonky nephew.

A visit to another of my favorite places (see below). Any guesses? I’ll write a separate post on that soon. This was my biggest splurge of the day — less in terms of money, more in terms of “I don’t go to places anymore.”

Dinner on the river. For years I’ve wanted to bring our dinner into the Poudre River Canyon and just hang out. We always talk about it and never get around to it. No more!

As if that weren’t enough, when I arrived home I found Colorado’s best cupcakes on my porch, a gift from Anali and Hannah.

And… AND… my brothers Ryan (in Ohio) and Bradley (New Jersey) agreed to tune in to watch Muppet Treasure Island at the same time as me, quoting this well-worn film together over text.

I am nodding off as I type this, overwhelmed by the birthday greetings, gifts, love and attention I received today. This is exactly the energy I want to start this new year with!

Hello, gorgeous.
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