Tattoo before and after: Baba Yaga’s house in color

A few weeks ago I shared my new tattoo inspired by the Russian folk story of Baba Yaga. (Read the full tattoo story, as well as its dedication to my new niece and nephew, in this post.)

By now, I trust the process. As much as I love the basic line work on a tattoo, the color is always going to be better. But before color comes the shading (pardon the poor photo, it’s a tricky angle!):

I could have stopped at the shading and been happy. Look at those feathers!

I gave Cambria full control over the colors, saying only that I’d like it to feel like it’s in the same family as my other tattoos. She knocked it out of the park, as usual.

Look at the smoke! It’s full of magic!! How does she do it?!

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Hello, gorgeous.
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