St. Vrain Cidery

Even *I* can’t eat dinner at 4pm.

Okay, we all know that’s a lie. However, when an errand that Dan and I were running in Longmont, Colorado wrapped up early, we decided to visit a local cider shop to kill an hour until the much more respectable 5pm dinnertime.

Even though cider options seem to be expanding every day, I was expecting St. Vrain Cidery to carry perhaps a dozen variants. They actually offer an astounding 36 — and every single one comes from a Colorado cidery, including six of St. Vrain’s own.

Always overly-ambitious when it comes to trying new things, Dan and I created a flight of eight ciders. I ranked them because hell, there are so rarely enough ciders to bother making a list:

  1. Pumpkin | Wild Cider (Firestone, CO)
  2. Vanilla | Climb Hard Cider (Loveland, CO)
  3. Bulldog (the bartender’s choice — thanks Derick) | Boxing Brothers Ciderhouse (Colorado Springs, CO)
  4. Pink Guava | St. Vrain Cidery (Longmont, CO)
  5. Cinnamon | Climb Hard Cider (Loveland, CO)
  6. Blackberry Botanical | St. Vrain Cidery (Longmont, CO)
  7. Raspberry | Stem Ciders (Denver, CO)
  8. Belgian Sour Cider | Boco Cider (Boulder, CO)

See the full list of St. Vrain’s ciders on tap.

We didn’t even manage to hit all of the Colorado cideries on their menu — I still see Snow Capped Cider (Cedaredge), Colorado Cider Co (Denver), Talbott’s Hard Cider (Palisade), C Squared Ciders (Denver), Clear Fork (Denver), New Avalon (Hotchkiss), Big B’s (Denver), Redstone Meadery (Boulder), Randy Buzz Meadery (Golden), and Haykin Family Cider (Aurora). Consider this my to-do list.

P.S. I should have paid way more attention to who made their baked goods–this birthday cake donut was incredible. Or maybe I was simply starving for that sweet, sweet 5:03 pm dinner.

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