Best Western Movie Manor

Both in Ohio and in Colorado, Dan and I frequently attend drive-in movies. A few reasons why:

  • Charm and nostalgia
  • The chance to spend my movie money at a locally-owned business
  • Usually two movies for the price of one (and we’ve even stayed for a triple-header once before)
  • The balance between Erica’s need for social experiences and Dan’s need for privacy

And so you can probably imagine the way I lost my mind when Dan sent me a link to the Best Western Movie Manor in remote Monte Vista, Colorado. It’s a regular Best Western hotel in all ways but one:

Each bedroom sports a picture window with a full view of the neighboring drive-in movie theater.

You control the movie’s volume from within your room.

We scored the Tom Cruise room. (Not my favorite actor, but Dan and I both respect that he performs his own insane stunts.)

I’ll be honest: the movie experience was just okay. The sound was tinny, the screen was distant, and The Art of Racing in the Rain is not exactly my cup of tea. Still, I would do it all again — and I will, any time we happen to be near Monte Vista — because of how unique the experience felt. (I believe the hotel may be the only one of its kind.)

Great find as always, Dan. 🙂

Hello, gorgeous.
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