Salida, Colorado

Salida feels like ages ago! It has been the better part of a week since we last had an internet connection that could handle more than a photo per hour. (Ahem.)

Salida, nestled in the mountains of mid-western Colorado, is a 4-hour drive from Fort Collins. It’s the kind of town Dan could possibly talk me into moving to some day: remote enough for Dan, artsy enough for Erica. Salida’s Creative District includes lovely shops and galleries, plus a theater repurposed from an old steam plant.

Salida sits on the Arkansas River and offers a charming riverwalk with a whitewater slalom course. (When it isn’t 100 degrees out, Salida is also frequented by skiiers due to its access to Monarch.)

My favorite part of our quick visit to Salida is tied between the hotel where we stayed — a classic motor lodge with recent, stylish updates…

…or the fire-like sunrise we witnessed on our winding drive through the mountains.

Hello, gorgeous.
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