Dan’s photos from Wyoming/Montana

I have a blogging philosophy that goes a little something like this: get sh*t up quickly, because the next thing is already barreling down the pike.

In service of that philosophy, I take all of my photos on my iPhone. It’s a decent camera. I do very little editing, because editing is not getting sh*t up quickly.

My husband, however, tends to slow down and create beautiful photographs on an actual camera, later lovingly paring the shots down and editing them to perfection. (And then you never see them here, because I’ve already seen three plays and a pottery exhibit in that time, or whatever.)

Since we had a little (*gasp*) downtime after our Wyoming/Montana weekend, I wanted to make some space for a handful of Dan’s photographs from the trip. I began to add captions and locations, but it cluttered up what looks much better as a clean, visual tour across the west. If you’d like to read more about the trip: Big Horn, Wyoming | Tippet Rise Art Center | The long amble home from Montana

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