I know this doesn’t look like a Cincinnati weekend… but in a way, it was.

Our friend Danny hails from Cincinnati; he moved out to Boulder a few weeks after Dan and I moved to Fort Collins. Danny and his partner Russ (born in Dayton, Ohio) invited us to stay in a cabin they were borrowing… from other Cincinnati friends. Danny also invited another Cincinnati native who now lives in Boulder, as well as a couple who relocated to Lafayette from Cincinnati only a year ago.

Between sunrise hot tub sessions and street taco dinners, there was endless conversation about Sotto, Coffee Emporium, Park + Vine, various tri-state chili brands and more. Our Cincinnati nostalgia mostly circled around food and occasionally bike law.

Did I mention that this glorious mountain cabin is only about 90 minutes from our home? It’s situated on Allenspark, just outside of Estes Park and mere yards from the boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park. Danny, who drove in from Boulder, was so close he was able to commute to work and extend his cabins stay.

During the visit, Dan, Danny, Russ and Suzanne enjoyed an 8-mile hike to Finch Lake. (Several photos in this post are courtesy of Dan.)

I had a different kind of getaway in mind. While that crew was hoofing it, I enjoyed a quiet cabin, a sunny day and a good book.

With a family-sized tub of watermelon, of course.

Dan and I are home now and hoping for a peaceful week before a travel blitz in late July and August. No spoilers…

P.S. If you find yourself in the Allenspark area, the beautiful Chapel on the Rock is worth a pit stop.

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