High Hops Brewery & The Windsor Gardener

It basically goes without saying that anywhere you find yourself in Colorado, you’re a mile from a brewery. When Linda, Tony and I found ourselves in Windsor for a bike tour, Linda suggested a detour to High Hops.

I don’t drink beer myself — just don’t have a taste for it — but man have I come to love breweries. They each cultivate such unique character.

When I walked in and saw all of the natural light and the kitsch, I told Linda that this was just my vibe. She already knew that, of course.

Dear breweries: I don’t expect you to always carry cider or wine, but please always have a decent root beer on hand. It brings such joy to my life.

The most charming thing about High Hops is that it shares space with The Windsor Gardener, a downright enormous nursery and garden shop.

Since Dan couldn’t join us on our Windsor escapade, I brought home a souvenir: a “Night Sky” petunia we’ve named Carl Sagan.

I was worried how our new plant would fare in the Colorado sun, but not to worry! It won’t stop raining, so with any luck it will drown before it ever sees the sun.

Hello, gorgeous.
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