Happy anniversary, Dan!

Y’all, Dan and I have been together for tennnnn yearrrrrrs.

June 6 is the day we began dating a decade ago, and also the day we were married three years ago. (Also my grandmother’s birthday!)

In 2016 we enjoyed an incredibly simple, casual wedding ceremony on the banks of the Ohio River. In attendance: my mom, Dan’s parents, our friend Julie who officiated, our friend Adam who photographed. We were in and out in an hour, then celebrated with friends that weekend.

It’s no secret that I am prone to gush about Dan. He is my best friend, my adventure partner and my husband, in that order.

I woke up to lilies in the morning, and after work we drove an hour to Louisville for dinner at our favorite barbecue restaurant.

I asked Dan to snap a picture of me not wearing leggings and a slouchy cardigan for once… then spilled BBQ sauce on my dress about ten minutes later. I’m a class act.

(That photo makes me want to get 50 more tattoos, stat. So much blank white space!)

After raspberry lemonades and pulled pork at LuLu’s, we wandered Boulder’s Pearl Street until thunderstorms broke out.

The past ten years have been packed wall-to-wall with love and adventure. I can only imagine what we’ll get up to in the next decade, now that we have a running start.

Happy anniversary, Dan!

Hello, gorgeous.
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