Denver’s Milk Market

A few months ago, a day trip to Denver with Linda took us by the Dairy Block. This block in LoDo is full of adorable design moments, from the giant 3-D “spilled milk” image to its alley of milk bottle lights and unique public art.

At the time, Linda and I enjoyed rambling through the alley and snapping photos of the murals, but I had been looking for an opportunity to come back and visit the food hall within the Dairy Block. When Dan and I recently found ourselves in downtown Denver, we took the opportunity to grab dinner around the corner at the Milk Market.

The Milk Market reminded me of my beloved Denver Central Market, but on top of ice cream, pasta, pizza and pastries, Milk Market also offers bao, fried chicken, crêpes, and more.

Dan was in the mood for fried chicken, so we settled down at Lou’s Hot & Naked. The Lou’s chicken sandwich, with its potato bun and pickles, reminded me of a Chik-fil-A sandwich. I mean that as a compliment; I don’t miss eating at Chik-fil-A but their sammies were delicious.

We also tried milkshakes at Cornicello, which were decent, but no match for anything on the High Point Creamery menu in Denver Central Market.

P.S. We found ourselves downtown due to an interesting play I was checking out. I attended the show solo (review forthcoming!), but Dan and I thoroughly enjoyed our date night afterward.

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