CrossFit Open 2019

I never thought I’d long for spring so much. Winter never used to bother me — I still prefer cold weather by far — but Colorado is immensely better in any patio-friendly season and I miss riding my bike everywhere. This winter has been fairly tame, but a recent dump of snow has me climbing the walls.

The cabin fever makes me even more grateful for my gym, where I can burn off some energy and see a face besides Dan’s. (I love that face, but c’mon.)

Right now we’re between weeks 2 and 3 of the CrossFit Open, an annual competition between CF gyms across the globe. When the Open rolled around last February I had only been at Yeti Cave for about two months and didn’t fully appreciate the fun of it. This year, I’m all in.

In related news, I received a gift from Dan: a pull-up bar in our garage.

Nope, I can’t do a pull-up yet… but that’s what a practice bar is for, right? The bands to the left add varying degrees of assistance. The step stool is there because the bar hangs above my comfort zone — Dan must know I need to work on my fear of heights as well.

Dan has also promised me some sort of box to climb on, some sort of mat to fall on, and chalk for my hands. With support like I (always, always) receive from my husband, just try to keep me from reaching my goals.

Hello, gorgeous.
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