Two new tattoos: finch & satellite

I am two steps closer to becoming the walking art gallery I’ve always dreamed of being.

Up first: a bright yellow finch. My finch lives on my left arm in the same spot that my cardinal lives on my right; they represent my grandparents.

I would like to figure out how to get both birds in a single picture, but their inner-arm placement is awkward to photograph without me flapping my arms like a circus seal.

I had a second design applied in the same session: a satellite, inspired by my brother Ryan. Ryan has been a space and aeronautics nut since he was a child, and whereas most kids eventually shrug off their aspirations of being an astronaut, my brother never quite did. Ryan and I used to say that we kept each other well-rounded: I’m why he knows Shakespeare, he’s why I know Alan Shepard and Laika.

The satellite itself doesn’t have any specific significance; my favorite satellite would have been too complicated. (Ryan is why I have a favorite satellite. I have a second favorite too, but who doesn’t love the ISS? By the way, in case he’s reading, I’m talking about human-made satellites; the Moon is probably my actual favorite satellite.)

The light purple line of the “orbit” will disappear; it’s from a particularly stubborn stencil. The dotted line will stay. Just as my left-arm finch is a mirror for the right-arm cardinal, the satellite is a mirror for my ring of lavender.

Next up: coloring in my cuckoo clock — or, more likely, giving into one of my 600+ other ideas.

P.S. The finch, cardinal, satellite, lavender and clock were designed and applied by the incredible Cambria at Magnetic!

Hello, gorgeous.
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