Circus & Dance Variety Show

I have such talented and inspiring friends! For instance, Stefanie invited us to attend her lyra performance at the Circus & Dance Variety Show that her aerial studio was participating in.

There was plenty to entertain us before Stef’s turn, from bellydancing to aerial silks to swing dancing.

Admittedly, the aerialist in the T-rex costume stole the show…

…at least until Stef took the ring. She was clearly the best. No contest. 🙂

Stef is a fourth grade teacher, the mother of the sweetest twins, and regularly attends CrossFit, lyra and yoga. Most women hope to be strong in *one* of those ways. I am so grateful to have her to look up to.

P.S. This almost didn’t become a blog post, but then my friend Tony leaned over to point out: “This is so blog-worthy!”

Hello, gorgeous.
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