The Fort Collins Candy Store Emporium

Not long after we discovered the Cheyenne Candy Store Emporium in southern Wyoming, the shop closed due to an issue with the landlord. We were dismayed to hear the news, as the emporium was charming, full of history.

Later, the candy shop’s owner announced that he was relocating his store-museum… to our neck of the woods!

The Fort Collins Candy Store Emporium opened around a month ago. Dan and I were sure to pay a visit before Halloween — the vintage decorations are not to be missed.

Tony is a font of knowledge, teeming with information about everything in his carefully curated store (whose design packs even more whimsy than the Cheyenne shop, if you ask me). I am thrilled that Tony and his Emporium found their way to Fort Collins.

P.S. Also freshly open in Fort Collins: Old Town Churn, scooping Little Man Ice Cream! Try the Salt Oreo. Trust me.


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