Tour de Fat bike parade

One of Fort Collins’ most anticipated events is the annual Tour de Fat, New Belgium’s celebration of beer and bicycles and all varieties of weirdness. Tour de Fat takes place across 6 cities, but from what I understand, Fort Collins is the party to beat — and it is the only city that still hosts a massive, 3-hour bike parade the morning of the events. Dan and I met up with our neighbors and dear friends Linda and Tony to visit the parade — a wild to-do involving at least 10x more participants than I had expected, almost all of them decked out in outlandish and creative costumes.

Just as Tony anticipated, I am already mentally planning my outfit for next year. Tour de Fat is no place for spectators, it’s a place to don one’s leotard or Swedish Chef head or Mario Kart group costume and get. in. the. game.

Hello, gorgeous.
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