Banff or bust, part 7: Edmonton Fringe Festival

Erica is not writing this blog post. Erica is lying crumpled up on the bed after two intense days of the wonderful Edmonton Fringe Festival. Were she here and even vaguely conscious, she would tell you they were two perfect days full of time with friends, delicious street food, and nine different beautiful gems of theatre.

The two-day Edmonton Fringe lineup:

Thank you so much to Paul Strickland and Erika Kate MacDonald, not only for inviting us to Edmonton in the first place, but for hand-selecting the perfect lineup of shows that we took in, for choosing the best restaurants and food carts in Alberta, for introducing us to all of your friends and fellow artists, and for being two of the most delightful people on this planet.

Tomorrow: back on the road again, where grilled cheeses this amazing will surely be harder to come by.

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4 thoughts on “Banff or bust, part 7: Edmonton Fringe Festival

  1. This is one of the great blog and thanks for sharing this to us. Not everyone cannot experience Edmonton Fringe Festival but with your blog, you were able to sum up all the even in one. How everyone wish that in the next years to come they will enjoy the Edmonton Fringe Festival. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. The festival is certainly one of my favorites. It always has a good buzz around it. You can walk around, and everybody is in great form. It’s always entertaining with the street performances and small snipes of shows that you can go and see in the theaters around. Even if you’re not a theater fan, it will be enjoyable and fun!

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