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My dear friend Ben is in town!

Ben and his family, all of whom I have known for over a decade (except for his hilarious 7-year-old daughter Eliza), are on a long road trip for their summer vacation. They were kind enough to work Fort Collins into their plan and we have spent the past few days enjoying CooperSmith’s, Snooze, Ginger & Baker, and possibly a few things that weren’t food. But mostly food.

The family had one request: whitewater rafting. We had heard good things about Rocky Mountain Adventures, whose headquarters are right around the corner from Dan and my house. We booked their half-day Poudre River tour, as it was the less challenging course and we had kids in tow. However, even a tame course and a low water level cannot necessarily keep a 7-year-old inside the raft:

Eliza was an absolute trooper. She followed all of the instructions, clambered back into the boat, and rode out the remainder of the first leg tucked between our group on the floor of the raft. (You can see her adorable little mug right below my elbow.)

For the rest of the day, we recounted how brave Eliza had been — as well as how impossibly fast our tour guide, Dylan, sprang into action. Eliza was back in the boat before it had completely registered what had happened. You sit through the safety presentation and you completely understand what you’re supposed to do in an emergency such as this one — and then there’s a kid in the water and you sit there, frozen. (Or, as it appears I was doing in the photo, you push her away with your paddle.)

Hello, gorgeous.
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