Salt Lake City, part 2

Yesterday I published a blog post about Dan and my hijinks in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, there was no way to include as many photos as I would have liked without making the post run on for days. I found SLC to be a vivid and beautiful city –if quiet, especially as our main day there was a Sunday, when the city essentially shuts down because the Mormons stay home.

Central to Salt Lake City is Temple Square, the main campus of the Mormon church. The architecture of the Temple, Assembly Hall and Tabernacle were truly beautiful.

As often as I found myself looking up to ogle spires and arches, I also found myself looking down at the manicured gardens. My grandmother would have loved this part more than any other, I am sure of it. I didn’t manage many decent photos of the gardens because of the overly bright Utah sun, but I at least wanted to share this one for my grandmother to see, as it features many flowers I first met in her own garden.

I also found SLC to be alive with public art and bold graphics. This is the fastest way for any city to secure its place in my heart.

Our friends Abby and Carling recommended that we visit Caputo’s, a market with a ridiculous variety of cheese, meats and chocolate. I spent a good deal of time and money there — all on chocolate, naturally.

Ritual Chocolate is based in Utah; we run into their bars everywhere we travel.

Salt Lake City is also the Utah state capital. Dan and I schlepped up the hill for another dose of gorgeous architecture around the Capitol building.

In particular, I love the beehive that I discovered all over the city. It is the Utah state emblem and symbolizes Industry.

“In 1959, Utah designated the beehive as the official state emblem (along with the state motto: “Industry”). Industry is directly associated with the symbol of the beehive – early Utah pioneers had very few available resources and had to rely on their own “industry” to survive.

“In addition to the beehive featured on the state flag and state seal, Utah also recognizes the Beehive Cluster as the official state star cluster, Utah’s nickname is The Beehive State, and of course the honeybee is Utah’s official state insect.” (Source.)

Hello, gorgeous.
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