Hickory Street is perhaps half a mile from my house; I ride my bike there often. I met my friend Kate and her two sweethearts for an afternoon of ambling Sno Cones at the Fiesta de Movimiento Comunitario de Hickory Street.

Kate and her boys helped judge a salsa competition as part of the festival. All of the competitors are from a local mobile home park; the winner received a bicycle.

Bicycles were certainly a key component of the Fiesta de Movimiento — there was a technical track, bikes you could try or rent, booths helping with helmet fittings and safety instructions, even a few tandem bike riders allowing children to take the second seat.

Other forms of movement included dancing demonstrations and skateboarding instructions. Kaiser Permanente donated fresh produce and — I love you, Colorado — there was also a sunscreen station.

My only complaint: no food trucks — however, I was only blocks from my favorite Mexican food truck, La Campechana. Delicioso!

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