These are the drones you’re looking for

Dan has recently acquired a drone capable of aerial photography. Many nights it’s simply too windy to take the drone out — no one ever warns you how windy Colorado is, all the time! — but every now and then we catch a break. Below are a few of the shots of our neighborhood that Dan has snapped recently.

Look at all those solar panels!

Between the image above and the image below, you can see how quickly new housing construction is happening — the photos were taken a bit more than a week apart. In the center of the photo you can watch a concrete slab turn into two or three floors of seven new townhouses. Toward the upper right, a grass plot becomes the foundation of another set of homes.

If you spot a fine gentleman on a balcony, that would be my darling neighbor Tony. You can also see how close we are to the mountains.


Hello, gorgeous.
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