Recently I was offered the chance to take in a show at Backstage Theatre in Breckenridge, Colorado. Breckenridge is about 2.5 hours from Fort Collins, so it would be no small schlep to get there — however, Dan has been itching to try his hand at skiing again. We made a quick weekend of it.

Breckenridge has an initiative, Breck Create, focused on developing its arts district.

That said, people don’t flock to Breckenridge for the arts scene, they go to ski. I had Saturday to myself and spent it wandering the downtown area in heavy snow. I found a charming (if not terribly friendly) used bookstore and, honestly, not much else to occupy my time. (Things that don’t interest me: buying expensive watches, visiting oxygen bars, drinking myself into oblivion. Next time maybe I’ll book a snowmobiling excursion.) Luckily, the Olympics were on — we don’t have cable at home, so it’s hard to watch the coverage there.

I did have lunch with an exceedingly handsome skiier with a frosty beard. Dan said his skiing lesson went smoothly and much of his experience from decades ago came back to him. He was tired enough afterwards to happily watch six hours of slopestyle* and ice dancing with me, but not so tired that he couldn’t wake up at the crack of dawn to avoid the mad Sunday exodus from the resort town.

*On our way out of Breckenridge we passed the exit to Silverthorne, which Red Gerard calls home.

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